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Industry News

Cost largest deterrent to EV uptake as over half of consumers doubt 2050 electrification
​There are key differences between industry’s expectations of transport electrification and those of consumers, a new report has found.
UKPN stresses importance of ‘smart toolbox’ for EV readiness in updated strategy
​UK Power Networks (UKPN) has unveiled a refreshed version of its electric vehicle (EV) strategy, placing emphasis on forecasting and strategic investment.
RMI: Virtuous circle making batteries competitive ‘sooner than anticipated’
By the middle of the 2020s, using hybrid ‘portfolios’ of batteries and renewable energy sources will economically outperform existing gas power plants, while the combination of technologies is already cost-competitive with building new gas plants, a new report from the US-based Rocky Mountain Institute has said.
Ofgem hits back at EV rollout criticism
​Ofgem has officially replied to an article in the Guardian that accused the energy watchdog of stalling the electric vehicle (EV) rollout, saying that is does “not fully reflect Ofgem’s position.”
Enel X snaps up 12.5% stake in Hubject to take emobility ‘to the next level’
​Enel X has become a 12.5% shareholder in Hubject in a move designed to expand the interoperable charging platform’s reach.
Scottish government unveils £3 billion investment portfolio in slew of green finance policy
The Scottish government has unveiled a host of green finance policies set to kick-start its journey towards a 2045 net zero.